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RADProductsOnline welcomes resellers and systems integrators who have the opportunity to offer the vast array of RAD products to their customers. After approval, resellers and systems integrators qualify for additional discount which will be reflected in the online pricing. In addition to credit cards, resellers may qualify for net terms. No volume requirements or quotas  are necessary to become a reseller with RADProductsOnline. The process is simple:

1. Create an online account with us by clicking here
2. Complete and submit the additional information in the form below

After we have verified your information, we will proceed with setting up your account. For net terms, you will be required to submit additional financial information which will take a few days to verify. In the meantime, if you need to order product quickly, you will still be given reseller pricing with the ability to order online with a credit card.

Reseller Submission Form
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