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About Our Company

RADProductsOnline.com is an Authorized Distributor of RAD Data Communications products based in the USA and the first ecommerce store to offer RAD Products Online exclusively. Our history with RAD Data Communications goes back 16 years and our sales staff has been selling and supporting RAD products for over 24 years. Although there are nearly 3,000 RAD Data products/product variations listed, the site is designed to make locating and purchasing RAD Data products easy and convenient. All products are categorized by name and can be located either by the product drop-down lists or from our handy search box. For customers without an established open terms account, we accept all major credit cards and corporate/government purchasing cards. We also accept corporate purchase orders from our customers with established terms and from U.S. government entities.

Access Is Free
Everyone is welcome on our online store and it's always FREE OF CHARGE! However, due to large amounts of spam, web-bots, and fraudulent use of stolen identities floating around on the Internet, we must know you are human. Upon creating your online identity with us (we use the CAPTCHA system to help separate humans from robots), you will receive a welcome email with your temporary password. Once you receive your password, you may login to our site whereupon you will have access to your discounted prices and all tools in our Resources section. Until then, you may only browse our site and will only see MSRP prices.

Resellers and Tax-Exempt Customers
If you wish to become a reseller or RAD Products and have a state sales tax-exempt certificate, please create an online identity first. Then, click on the RESELLERS link near the top of the page and provide us with the additional reseller information. If your company is tax-exempt or holds a valid resale tax exempt certificate in the state of Texas, you will need to provide us with your tax-exempt certificate. We do not collect sales tax for products shipped outside the state of Texas, USA.

For your convenience, we have provided links to various publications including the latest English RAD Data Communications catalog in PDF format. The catalog is also available in several additional languages. All publications are accessible from the Publications link near the top of the page and do not require a login.

We hope you enjoy the freedom of browsing and selecting RAD products online from a one-of-a-kind e commerce site designed to make purchasing RAD products simple. If you still need assistance, we're here to help. With over 24 years experience with RAD products, our certified engineers are qualified in network design and product application and can guide you in selecting the products that best suit your company's needs. We can also arrange for on-site installation, RADCare support services, and ongoing phone support.

If you have any questions about this site or wish to make suggestions on how we can improve it, please feel free to contact us.